The Market is our grab-and-go store inside The Landing Market. Its main attraction is locally made and packaged “grab-and-go...or stay!” foods, supplied by The Kitchen located at The Spectrum Network. The Kitchen is run by a local chef and together with the members of The Spectrum Network, they work thoughtfully and creatively to supply fresh, healthy and locally pre-packaged meals and snacks.


The Market also supplies popular gourmet snacks and grocery items from near and far to provide options for any dietary need on the go. You can find your favorite specialty brand of chips or nuts, and still pick up a bunch of bananas or items to throw together a picnic lunch if you are headed on an outdoor adventure!

Grab-and-go.....or stay!

Local Dairy
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Local Cured Meat
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Local Art
Local Soap & Spa Items
Local Bread & Morning Pastries
Luther Items
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